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Stepping through the gallows, you stumble upon a world both fantastical and terrifying. permeated with rot and teeming with great green life, the world is a pulsing organism, and something about it urges you forward. from the bones beneath your feet, you fashion yourself a skeletal companion, and continue through damp, huanted woods...

About The Author

I AM AN ENTHUSIAST OF THE MANGLED AND A LOVER OF DECAY. AN ADMIRER OF ALL THAT IS WHIMSICAL AND MACABRE. My name is Nevaeh Rose but many call me Bones. Bonejunky is my online psuedonym. i am nearly eighteen! i like to make stories of all kinds- though i mostly create illustrations and short stories/poetry. this website i coded myself, and on it you can find the entirety of my creative projects, my professional portfolio, my online shop where i sell zines and stickers and other odds and ends, among other collections and things i enjoy that i add to this site.